The Charles Finney School Nurse's Office

Mrs. Julie Pancio, RN

  • Phone: 585-387-3770 x 230.

  • Fax: 585-641-0431

You will find health forms and information here, including information on School Screenings and Sport Physicals and Permissions.

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Phsyicals Requirement

Education Law requires all New York State (NYS) public school students to have a health exam when they are a new student in a school district and when they enter Pre-K or Kindergarten, and grades 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11.

Beginning on 1/31/21, any physical exam completed on or after that date must be documented on a new physical form from NYS (health-exam-form.pdf under "General Forms" below). Schools can no longer accept the health exam if it is not on the required form or the required health record equivalent. The new updated form can be found in the health office portion of your school's website. In addition, you may contact your building nurse for a copy of the new form or with questions. Thank you for your cooperation.

General Forms

Health Information

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